Hardware as a Service [HaaS]


What is HaaS?

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) is a service provision model for hardware that is defined differently in managed services and grid computing contexts. In managed services, HaaS is similar to licensing. In grid computing, HaaS is a pay-as-you-go model

The HaaS model can be a cost-effective way for small or mid-sized businesses to provide employees with state-of-the-art hardware in a cost-effective manner. HaaS can be contrasted with infrastructure-as-a service (IIS) and managed hosting, procurement models in which the hardware is housed at the MSP's site.

Now managed services and outsourcing are evolving into cloud computing. The drivers of the market are improved communication channels, a pay-per-access pricing model and the efficiencies provided by technologies such as virtualisation and federated storage. IT has become a utility that can be turned up or down as usage fluctuates. Cloud computing also smoothes out the spikes that can occur unexpectedly in IT budgets when a server needs replacing or another problem pops up to drain resources.

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Finally you can take the unpredictability out of your technology budget. Hardware as a Service, or HaaS, programs from E-Safe are a simple way to keep track of your IT expenditures and reduce the need for regular equipment and operating system updates.

Our monthly fee ensures you’ll never be stung with expensive IT bills, knowing that your equipment, warranty service and maintenance services are completely covered.

The HaaS flat-fee model not only helps you track expenses, but eliminates large capital outlays and the associated high taxes, because all of our services qualify as operating costs.

Hardware as a Service programs from E-Safe include service and support for your:

  • Infrastructure
  • Hardware
  • Operating systems
  • Other software and warranty services for servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches and firewalls

Regain control of your IT expenditures.

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