This Next Generation Cybersecurity Solution Is A Real Game Changer

E-Safe Technologies is excited to announce our partnership with DAtAnchor an Ohio based cybersecurity company. Through our partnership with DatAnchor, E-Safe Technologies is now able to offer our clients a next-generation solution to secure their data platforms, easily and in an affordable way.

The old security model to guard assets – secure the ‘digital perimeter’ – is archaic and irrelevant in today’s hyper- connected world. DAtAnchor’s crypto-technology will fundamentally change the way enterprises interact with, disseminate, and govern data.

"Most companies concentrate on data loss prevention, but DAtAnchor is focused on securing the data as it moves, enforced by a number of automated services, without a need for any manual processes for governance,” DAtAnchor’s founder Emre Koksal said. “This is our differentiator, and, frankly, a real game-changer. Typically, certain rules are set down, and it is necessary to trust the people who have access to the data to follow those rules. DAtAnchor eliminates that variable."

Anchorize for Absolute Data Control


With DAtAnchor, you can share data with employees, contractors and partners, without sharing control. Control of sensitive assets is maintained no matter where the data travels in the world – a great departure from traditional data security models. This control protects your organization against data leakage from both inside and outside security threats while maintaining compliance with various privacy regulations including GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and NIST.

Data-centric security, simplified: how it works


DAtAnchor deploys an agent on desktops, laptops and mobile devices which works in concert with the web-based console deployed in the cloud or on prem. After identifying the data to be protected either manually or automatically by utilizing a policy tool, DAtAnchor is employed to anchor this data, or embed a piece of security code in each piece of data and track it across the organization. This patented mechanism can encrypt and decrypt the file in accordance with the access policy it receives when someone attempts to open it. Once encrypted, or “Anchorized”, the data becomes fully controlled by the organization. When the file is opened, no matter where in the world this occurs, DAtAnchor checks back to its Context Manager for access rights. If proper context is met and access is granted, the file decrypts instantly, otherwise the unauthorized party is left with useless cypher-text. Administrators can also whitelist applications through the DAtAnchor administrative console.

Ready to see DAtAnchor in Action?

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