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Anchor is a powerfully simple way for businesses to secure and control their data.

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Proudly Protecting Information—Critical Industries

We help protect and control sensitive data for the world’s most information—critical industries such as..

Defense Contracting

Protecting classified and controlled unclassified information (CUI) is critical to our national security and defense. Department of Defense contractors use Anchor to comply with the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).


The companies who build the world we know and love have experienced rapid digital transformation and deal with increasingly complex supply chains. We protect the intellectual property they depend on from CAD, CAM, BIM, product, processes and more.


Healthcare is about people, and people have a right to privacy Anchor secures protected health information (PHI) helping healthcare professionals comply with HIPAA and uphold their responsibility to patients without impeding their workflow.

Financial Services

“Protecting investors means protecting their data, too.” — Anchor has a high impact helping small businesses establish a program to comply with the FINRA cybersecurity checklist.

Legal Services

Law firms live and die by their ability to preserve clients’ trust They’re also a prime target for cyberattacks. Anchor empowers firms to hold private client information with confidence in a world where a single breach can destroy a reputation earned over decades.

Consulting Services

You can’t do business without collaborating on sensitive data. Anchor provides a secure collaboration for you, your clients, and your partners so each organization maintains absolute control over how, when, and under what circumstances their data is used.

What Anchor Offers

Anchor is simply a better way to protect and control sensitive data. Rather than relying on traditional walls around your network, Anchor builds the security right into your individual files and ensures they can only be opened by the intended person in the intended place.

Change your mind* Anchor can instantly revoke access to files you’ve already shared, and even copies of those files.

Better Data Security

In the past we’ve tried to protect sensitive data by protecting the network, the cloud, the desktop, and the people who use it. With Anchor it’s simple. We protect the data itself because that’s what we really care about. Anchor strengthens and improves traditional data security while protecting adding powerful new protections that adapt to the modern world.

Better Cloud Security

Anchor encrypts data before it is saved to your computer or to the cloud. You no longer have to trust your cloud storage provider to be a good steward of your data. It’s encrypted long before they get it and they don’t even have the keys to decrypt it. If your cloud gets hacked your data remains secure.

Better People Security

70% of employees bring company—owned confidential data with them when they leave. Anchor empowers the company who owns the data to maintain control of it even when an employee copies it onto their personal device. Anchor helps protect data from insider threats.

Better Network Security

In the past we’ve tried to protect sensitive data by protecting the network, the cloud, the desktop, and the people who use it. With Anchor it‘s simple. We protect the data itself because that’s what we really care about. Anchor strengthens and improves the traditional data security while protecting adding powerful new protections that adapt to the modern world.

Better Desktop Security

In a work—from—home world relying on network firewalls to protect sensitive data is absurd. There is no longer such a thing as containing it inside the network. Anchor removes the network from the equation and protects individual files themselves With Anchor there’s strength in simplicity

Easier Security & Privacy

Anchor is your secret weapon that helps you easily and affordably meet stringent cybersecurity and privacy compliance requirements and standards such as CMMC, NIST 9OO-171, FINRA, HIPAA, and more.

Zero-Trust Data Security

The world is connected and distributed. Data lives in the cloud and on IoT devices. Employees are working remotely and bringing their own devices. Bad actors are already inside the network. A zero-trust architecture (ZTA) is now the only way to be secure.

But our need to share information and collaborate is only increasing. Our sensitive data is digital, online, and at risk. Data is our most valuable assets and it’s time to shift from protecting networks and computers to protecting the sensitive data itself.

Anchor is zero-trust, data-centric security. Simplified.

A Security Wall For Every File

Zero-trust architectures define micro-perimeters around resources being protected in order to minimize incentive and the negative impact of a network breach. Anchor takes micro-perimeters to the extreme and removes the network from the equation entirely. With Anchor every single file has its own independent security perimeter and every single request to use it is verified.

“It’s like a bank robber breaking into the vault to find each individual bill is inside another vault.”

Ryan Boder, VP Marketing

Extreme Multi-Factor & Instant Revocation

Zero-trust says that policies should be dynamic, based on as many sources of data as possible. Anchor takes zero-trust authorization to the extreme. Patented heartbeat technology constantly verifies access rules in real-time based on a myriad of organizational and contextual data sources such as Active Directory, geo-location, bluetooth, IP address, WiFi network, and more. It’s extreme multi-factor authentication. When an access rule is broken on a file in use Anchor instantly shuts it down. Trust is never assumed, even after a file is open.

“Anchor doesn’t just minimize the attack surface in space, it also minimizes the attack window in time.”

Emre Koksal, CEO

Stolen & Shared Files Are Still Secure

Anchor is a lightweight solution that enforces zero-trust security at the application layer based on the user role and the context in which they’re trying to access data. It continues to protect and work with files that have been shared or stolen outside an organization’s network just as well as it works inside. Anchor facilitates remote work and collaboration across the internet while maintaining strong protection against unauthorized data access.

“Traditional security contains data inside a secure environment. With Anchor, the security travels with the data.”

Eric Flecher, Head of Product

What Happened To DLP?

Traditional DLP solutions have several weaknesses.

  • They were heavy-handed causing a bad user experience, so users found ways to work around them.
  • Data was stored unencrypted so when DLP failed data was leaked as plain-text instead of cipher-text.
  • They are meant to contain data and lock it in, which prohibits sharing and collaborating.

As the next-generation data security and control solution, Anchor solves each of these problems.

  • Anchor is lightweight and unobtrusive, so users aren’t motivated to work around it.
  • Anchored files are always encrypted so a network breach does not result in a data leak.
  • Anchor is built for the modern work environment and is conducive to sharing and collaborating as long as the access rules are being followed.

Anchor is a simple, elegant solution that combines the best aspects of data loss prevention (DLP) and digital rights management (DRM) without the problems inherent with these legacy technologies.

Tech Innovator Award

2020 Innovators Award

2019 BizTech Inventor of the Year