VDI in Education

Recognizing the impact and importance of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) on academic institutions

Academic institutions face many challenges when it comes to addressing a student-centric model for end user computing. The way in which students interact with one another and consume information is rapidly evolving. This shift in the way students learn has many institutions scrambling to determine where to invest their time and resources to ensure they can deliver the right technology to their students to ensure success -- and VDI is one way that academia is addressing this challenge.

Using desktop virtualization with VMware View, K-12 students and teachers gain access to enhanced learning resources and digital content on school networks or remotely via the Internet. Additionally, VMware View encourages the growing trend of students bringing their own laptop or connected devices to school by providing a secure virtual desktop managed and controlled by the school’s IT department. As a result, VMware helps blend technology into school life, from lesson plans to homework, increasing time spent learning 21st century skills versus managing technology.

For school IT administrators, VMware View provides the ability to reduce cost and complexity by allowing them to manage virtual desktops centrally in the datacenter. Applications are installed, upgraded, and patched once, then securely delivered over the network to any device, including PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, and thin clients. At the same time, the school’s IT team can eliminate the time previously required to manage and support individual desktop computers, and instead apply precious personnel and budget resources on other important projects.

The significance of desktop virtualization in education

Advanced Mobility

VDI in Education - Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Morgantown

Improved Application Access

VDI in Education - Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Morgantown

Enhanced Security

VDI in Education - Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Morgantown

Steamlined Management

VDI in Education - Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Morgantown

Supporting faculty and students in advanced learning environments

Classrooms and Training Labs, Task Workers


  • Rapidly provision new desktops
  • Ensure consistent user experience across sessions
  • Improve security with centralized control and management
  • Reduce cost of managing the desktop environment

Remote Campuses or Distance Learning


  • Delivery desktops across a variety of locations
  • Centralize management of desktop environment
  • Reduce cost associated with supporting a diverse student populations



  • Deploy and manage a desktop image on employee or student owned assets
  • Centrally control desktops and data
  • Separation between campus and personal desktop

Libraries and Kiosks


  • Full support for kiosk mode
  • Provision one pristine image for universal usage
  • Predicable user experience
  • Low management overhead for IT

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