Penetration Testing

If you are a company or organization in a highly regulated industry such as healthcare, banking, and service industries, then asking the question of why you need a penetration test is a non-starter. Even if you are a small business, it is still important, if not more so, to have a team perform a penetration test. If you think that since you have never been hacked, your organization or its solution is not on the radar of bad threat actors, then it is just a matter of time that your organization’s data gets breached and by that point, its too late.

Penetration testing, or Pen testing, is often referred to as ethical hacking or white-hacking and can be leveraged to achieve an important security goal.

Manage risk by defending against vulnerabilities and warding off threats, which have the potential to become actual events. This needs to be addressed before cybercriminals have the time to get familiar with your application and exploits its weaknesses. If you are using third party applications, outsourced services, or cloud-based services, then it is imperative to have pen testing done.

Save on costs associated with recovery and remediation after a breach, which are almost always a fraction of what a thorough pen testing will cost. Yes, there is preparation, testing, and follow-ups after the testing has been completed, but a well-designed pen test, conducted by a professional penetration tester firm will be smooth, inexpensive, and hassle free.

Reduce chances of network and application downtime, leading to loss of productivity and availability. Time equals money, so any loss of time due to suck inactivity can cost companies and those affected millions of dollars. This could quickly escalate to become an extremely expensive situation.

Adhere to regulatory compliance and laws around security. Regulatory standards require certain organizations to take part in mandatory testing and audits of their systems. By failing to do so, the company could be charged hefty punitive fines.

Safeguard your organization’s reputation and holding on to your customer base, because all it takes is one security incident to impact your customer’s trust. Another factor is the loss of morale among employees due to the breach or incident, which in most cases must be publicly reported and addressed. A company with a tarnished reputation loses customer trust very quickly, but one that has a solid security system and application, as well as a systems strategy in place, can go on to bid for projects or businesses and seek cybersecurity accreditations as routine pen testing is often a requirement for these accreditations and certifications.

One of the most important reasons to get pen testing done could be to gain peace of mind, knowing that the applications, systems, and infrastructure have been tested for vulnerabilities. Performing these tasks and working with a pen test team that is thorough and diligent can help you protect your business and customers’ data.

Threats are becoming more sophisticated and gaining more experience bypassing security controls with greater success and demanding higher ransoms day by day. If you’re interested in discussing the subject of pen testing and how it will help your specific organization, please contact us to schedule a meeting.

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