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Are you a Pittsburgh business that has been struggling to find reliable IT support that services your needs at a fair price? If so, you’re in the right place.

Here at E-Safe Technologies, we pride ourselves on giving world-class IT support to small and medium-sized local businesses. To find out if we are a good fit, we recommend you get started by taking advantage of a quick 10-minute discovery call.

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What You Can Expect From Us At E-Safe Technologies in Pittsburgh

Responsive, Friendly Service: When you first signed up with your current IT company, they promised fast response times… but are they still delivering on it? Here at E-Safe Technologies, we guarantee service within 7 minutes or less when you call our dedicated helpdesk.

Cost-Effective IT Support: With E-Safe Technologies, you’ll get flat-fee support with no surprise bills. All you’re responsible for is one fair monthly fee, which simplifies your life by making your IT support easy to budget.

Fast, Secure Performance: IT disasters like being hacked or losing your data can be a nightmare for your business. That’s why we put so much focus on making sure your data and network are 100% safe & secure. Sleep easy knowing your company is protected.

Save Time & Increase Productivity

Many small businesses lose productivity they do not even realize when a manager spends a great deal of his time handling IT issues. The savings in this alone can largely offset the cost of using a top-notch outsourced IT firm like E-Safe Technologies.

  • Your fast, reliable network means no more waiting for the system to load so you can do your job.
  • Our Backup & Disaster Recovery systems keep your team productive even if the server crashes.
  • Comprehensive documentation means technicians won’t waste time hunting down information they should already have.
  • We provide multiple on-site technicians to make large projects go smoother & faster, with minimal downtime.

Are You Ready For Better IT Support?

Then call us at 412-944-2424 or fill out the form on this page to schedule a 10-minute Discovery Call.

E-Safe Friendly and Professional

We have partnered with E Safe for several years now. They are courteous and knowledgeable about many different computer situations. We have had many challenges and issues in the past and they have helped us work out the kinks, kept us online and running smoothly. They have even made onsite visits for an entire day just to make sure each employee isn’t experiencing any issues that they haven’t been made aware of!

Their staff is friendly and professional and willing to help with any problems we are having.

We are very happy with E Safe and plan to continue our partnership!

Kim Printing Company

E-Safe Makes Operations Run Smooth

Since outsourcing our IT to E-Safe, our operations run much more smoothly and we spend much less time worrying about computer and IT concerns. I am most impressed by the level of concern and response time of the E-Safe team when we have a critical need.

Kim Insurance