E-Safe Friendly and Professional

We have partnered with E Safe for several years now. They are courteous and knowledgeable about many different computer situations. We have had many challenges and issues in the past and they have helped us work out the kinks, kept us online and running smoothly. They have even made onsite visits for an entire day just to make sure each employee isn’t experiencing any issues that they haven’t been made aware of!

Their staff is friendly and professional and willing to help with any problems we are having.

We are very happy with E Safe and plan to continue our partnership!

Kim Printing Company

E-Safe Makes Operations Run Smooth

Since outsourcing our IT to E-Safe, our operations run much more smoothly and we spend much less time worrying about computer and IT concerns. I am most impressed by the level of concern and response time of the E-Safe team when we have a critical need.

Kim Insurance

E-Safe Makes Things Easy

Our previous provider wanted us to do everything their way in order for it to be easier for them. E-Safe provided us support in the way that made it easier for us. They adapted to our needs and worked with us to put together the best possible solution customized for us.

Ken Construction

Quick and Quality Response

E-Safe’s speed and quality of response is outstanding. Not only can I assure that I get a quick response when I am seeking answers about solutions we are looking into, but I can also be sure that I am being given the right answer from an extremely educated team.

Jeff Education

E-Safe Goes Beyond Your Basic Needs

"Since making the move to E-Safe at the beginning of 2014 we have noticed a significant improvement in our IT department."

Martin HVAC

Leverage E-Safe’s Solutions To Grow With Your Business!

"As a growing company our IT needs continue to change, and E-Safe has been there to fulfill all our needs."

Kim Insurance

E-Safe Keeps You Running Smoothly!

"We turned to our friends at E-Safe when our IT manager took a new position outside of our organization."

Karen Religion/Education

E-Safe Goes the Extra Mile to Keep Our Clients Happy!

"We are extremely pleased with E-Safe and the work they do. We’ve thrown some odd-ball stuff at them and they just handle it."

Terri Software Development

E-Safe Helps Local Companies Ease Their IT Worries!

"Working with E-Safe Technologies is a breeze. Their support and response time is top-notch. “Worry Free IT” is an understatement!"

John Education

E-Safe Provides Its Customers With A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

"We LOVE E-Safe. They are great to work with and so thorough and helpful!"

Doreen Physician Practice

E-Safe is Always There to Help

"I like knowing that whenever I run into a problem, I can just pick up the phone, call E-Safe Technologies,"

Terri Insurance

E-Safe answered my telephone call quickly, assessed the problem and corrected it quickly and explained to me what they were doing. E-Safe did a great job!

Ann Legal

Very professional, troubleshooting was excellent, troubleshooting was excellent, knew exactly what to do to get me running again. Thank you!!!

Gary Manufacturing

E-Safe continues to impress me with responsiveness and correcting issues expeditiously. As I keep stating, we are very pleased with E-Safe.

Dennis Non-Profit

E-Safe always gets back to me very quickly and resolves whatever problem I have.

Lee Ann Legal

Thank you!!! E-Safe was very responsive and very friendly. Job was completed in no time at all.

Sheri Manufacturing